Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black & White


On the left.

US Name: To Be Confirmed
Jp. Name: Tsutaja
Type: Grass
Classification: Grass Snake Pokémon
Height: 0.6m
Weight: 8.1kg
Ability: Overgrow

In the middle.

US Name: To Be Confirmed
Jp. Name: Pokabu
Type: Fire
Classification: Fire Pig Pokemon
Height: 0.5m
Weight: 9.9kg
Ability: Blaze

On the right.

US Name: To Be Confirmed
Jp. Name: Mijumaru
Type: Water
Classification: Sea Otter Pokemon
Height: 0.5m
Weight: 5.9kg
Ability: Torrent

Pokemon Black

This is the legendary for Pokemon Black.

US Name: Reshiram
Jp. Name: Reshiram
Type: Dragon / Fire
Classification: White Yang Pokemon
Height: 3.2m
Weight: 330kg
Ability: TurboBlaze

Pokemon White

This is the legendary for Pokemon White.

US Name: Zekrom
Jp. Name: Zekrom
Type: Dragon / Electric
Classification: Black Yin Pokemon
Height: 2.9m
Weight: 345kg
Ability: TeraVoltage

Other Pokemon you can plan to see in game!

So what do you guys think about the game? I really dislike the starters and I think Pokemon is just running out of ideas... =\


  1. Thanks for the info! I will have to pass this onto my friends, they play Pokemon alllll the time lol

  2. I want this game but i dont have a DS...

  3. I've not tried the game, but some important videogame magazine gave it the max score in a review.

  4. All the new pokemon look really effin weird :/

  5. meh i love pokemon but I don't know if I wanna play the new games...the original are the best

  6. pokemon are soo cute, i need a ds for shur now.

  7. Better than the last set of pokemon, in my opinion.

  8. The new starters look horrible =( , guess they are just running out of ideas after 500 Pokemon.

  9. they are definitely running out of ideas...

  10. they aren't running out of ideas ... they ran out a while back ... I still love pokemon though !!

  11. yeah.. they already have the "god" pokemon, now yin and yang, wtf is next??

  12. they finally ran out of colors!

  13. i agree. they seem to be running out of ideas :S

  14. I'm okay with the new Pokemon, at first I wasn't but they grew on me.

  15. Fuck dude, i was going off with my friends about what happened to the series. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF ASH'S GOOD POKEMON?? WHY DOES HE ALWAYS START FRESH?? RAGERAGERAGERAGE

  16. Black and White eh? Can they really segregate like that? We've all been down this road haha

  17. i cant wait to play it. been a fan of pokemon since i was 8. im 21 now and dont have a problem with this.

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